Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – The Princess Bride Theme – August 21, 2020

I guess you could say it was a pretty competitive night of Sporcle Live’s “virtual” trivia if you only miss two points heading into the final and wind up in fifth place! The “theme” of the game was the movie “The Princess Bride,” a cult favorite of D&D gamers, garden variety nerds and fans of seeing WWF wrestlers acting in movies! Yours truly was arguably the weakest link on this trivia night, though I had a “brute squad” of helpers, which included my husband Mike, longtime friend Sam and his wife Angela and David C., whom last played with our team in a tournament game in 2017 (helping us win first place)! 

As inconceivable as it was on this very, very competitive trivia night…we didn’t get the final question correct! Oh well, we’ll console ourselves by watching Andre the Giant’s performance as Dagon in “Conan the Destroyer!” Yes, he really played a monster in a rubber suit! Wonder if he had to wear a concealed head set to have his lines fed to him in this movie?

Andre the Giant (left) doing battle with Conan in Conan the Destroyer
  1. Opening Scene – In the opening scene of the film, the grandson is playing a video game. What song is being played over the video game that he is playing?

2. Outlaws – When the three outlaws first kidnap Buttercup, they claim to be lost. What does Vizzini say is their occupation?

3. Alcohol – When Fezzik and Montoya tell Vizzini that they don’t agree with having to kill Buttercup, Vizzini angrily reminds Inigo that when he found him, he was so slobbering drunk he couldn’t even buy what type of alcohol?

4. Mountains – What is the name of the cliffs that the outlaws have to climb after landing their ship?

Little Westley and Big, Big Fezzik…

5. Dreams – When the Man in Black knocks out Fezzik, he tells him to rest well and dream of what?

6. The Fire Swamp – In the Fire Swamp, Buttercup reminds Westley of the ROUS’s. What does ROUS stand for?

7. Finding Westley – How many ships does Humperdinck tell Buttercup he will send out to try and find Westley?

8. Torture – When Humperdinck decides to torture Westley himself with The Machine, he puts it on the highest setting. What number is the highest setting on The Machine? We were kind of hoping the answer would be “11” because of Christopher Guest being in the film, but…we did put down the correct answer!

9. Miracle Max – When Fezzik and Inigo first meet Miracle Max, Max gets upset upset at him for reminding him that he was fired. Max tells them to give him a paper cut and pour what on it?

10. Emphatic Words – When Westley first gets up from the bed in the Honeymoon Suite, what three words does he emphatically say to Humperdinck?

Mystery – Queen Buttercup Quickfire

In a b ad dream, when she’s being introduced as the Queen, one of the townspeople starts booing Buttercup because she left her true love. The woman booing Buttercup calls her four different names starting with “Queen,” all having to do with trash. Name those four things.

Missed one of these…our only miss of the game (besides the final).

There were 13 teams heading into the final…the LOWEST score was 59! We had 61 points – along with five other teams – two teams were all tied for third with 62, and two teams had perfect games with 63 points each. At this point we knew that winning this game would probably be “inconceivable,” but we tarried on!

For inquiring minds, some of the Princess Bride theme names were “Alternative to Suicide,” “ROUSes,” “When Rugen Counts, He Goes To 11” (my personal favorite), “The Brute Squad” (one and two – two different teams used this name), “Anybody Want a Peanut,” “Warthog Faced Buffoons,” “Westley’s Posse,” “We Are the Brute Squad,” “Cliffs of Insanity” and “Humperdinck Hater.” We just used the name… Pods (takes no time to type name in on portable device)!

Final Category – To The Pain

When he finds Westley in the Honeymoon Suite, Humperdinck suggests a duel to the death.

Westley says it should be “to the pain” instead. In his explanation of what “to the pain” means,’ Westley mentions eight specific body parts. If you were to put those body parts in alphabetical order, which ones would be first and last on that list?

Nope…we didn’t get either of those correct.

Next trivia outing will most likely be ’90s music in a few days. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, that lady who calls Buttercup all of those names!

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    Take Me Out to the Ball Game
    Circus Performers
    Cliffs of Insanity
    Large Women
    Rodents of Unusual Size
    Lemon Juice
    Drop Your Sword
    Mystery – filth, slime, refuse, putrescence

    Final – ankles, wrists

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