I Was Today Years Old When I Learned…

I was today years old when I learned that U.S. President Chester A. Arthur had a wife whom was…quite lovely! I know that there MUST be a “hottest first ladies” blog floating around out there somewhere (if not I will have to do it myself, LOL). She would definitely make the top 10 (sorry Nancy Reagan, you wouldn’t make the top 10 on my hottest first ladies list, though Jackie Kennedy probably would)!

Behold Mrs. Ellen “Nell” Arthur ⇓:


No wonder Chester Arthur deeply mourned her death (which occurred before he took office as president).

How did I happen to stumble upon this factoid? Because today I worked on a song about U.S. presidents (an “oral blog,” if you will)! Will I share it here? Well, yes I could – but it really is supposed to be sung, and I don’t have a means of hosting video on this site. So…let’s say maybe?

Using the underlying melody of the “Irish Washerwoman,” I wrote a line about each president – including a fact about each one – and even used a rhyming scheme. I’m not personally a fan of rhyming because it’s too constraining, but my husband encouraged me to do it. Needless to say, there is a line about Chester A. Arthur’s wife Ellen being “comely!”


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