When An Earworm Song Sings From Beyond The Grave…

It’s  not unusual  for a song to  take up residence in my head without  paying rent. My brain has always  been  hard-wired for music since I was too young to know the difference  between a treble  clef and bass clef. #musicianamateurhour

All of that  said, today’s  invading  song was “Day After Day” by the Welsh 1970s  band Badfinger. Cursory Internet  sleuthing tells me this band was  boosted up by none  other  than The Beatles, and George Harrison  himself  helped produce  this track  and even played slide guitar on it.

Here’s  where it gets  weird…and haunting. Lead singer  Pete Ham wound up taking his own  life, as did another  band  member later (last name Evans). Both were  worried about financial  ruin.

Wow, just wow, Badfinger! I’ll  always remember “finding  out  about  you” as your  song  lyrics  say! Sorry you felt the need to cut things short…but  did you  know the  grunge band Soundgarden  named one of their albums “Badmotorfinger,” presumably  in your  honor?

But wait…now I’m  remembering  how Soundgarden singer  Chris Cornell died 😢

This HAS to be a sign from  the universe…I’m  just too tired to figure  out what  it  means now.

Time for bed! 😪

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