Coming Soon? Yellowstone/Dances With Wolves Fan Theory?

I have some blog ideas brewin’, but am enjoying being a bit lazy this weekend after getting back to work these past couple of weeks, so I won’t get around to actually writing anything (besides this little how do you do) until the next couple of days. My first two weeks back were a bit…tiring – the rest this weekend has been nice!

My laptop is being used to stream stuff at the moment, because our TV is old and not WiFi enabled. It’s ok, it’s good to take a laptop break time and time again. What am I watching? “Yellowstone!”

My blog idea has to do with this Western drama TV series, which stars John Dunbar, whom you might remember from that movie “Dances With Wolves.” Don’t correct me! 😉

The weird creepy kid with the plastic bag and camera from “American Beauty” (Wes Bentley) and a guy who was in the “X Men” movies (played by Danny Huston) are also in it. The name of the guy Cox played in the “X Men” movie series was a bad guy. Striker, I think (I’ll look this up when I’m feeling less lazy). And one of John Dunbar’s sons is pretty damn cute, in a scruffy/vagabond way (hey we all have a “type,” don’t we)?

The blog I have in mind will require some mental gymnastics – and some belief in fantasy elements, as well as some basic knowledge of the movie “Dances With Wolves.” All of that said…

If I were a lawyer I would say “Your honor, I have a point and I’m prepared to make it.”

Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by!

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