Trivia “Al Fresco” In Plymouth, MI Tonight?

A local trivia host has reported that trivia will be offered on the patio – outdoors – at a trivia spot in Plymouth, MI. Though I am concerned about having to depend upon WiFi signals to be able to submit answers on my tablet, I think my husband and I will still check it out! If nothing else, it’s an excuse to do something different – and be able to hear the questions even if my technology doesn’t cooperate! Also, I don’t work for the next couple of days, so it might be a good night to go out.

As a side note, I’m going to recommend bringing some bug spray! The last time I played a trivia game outside was at Powell’s Pub in Ypsilanti in 2018 – and I got an insect bite (I’m thinking a nasty biting fly of some sort) that was so bad it nearly got infected! If I didn’t attack that thing with rubbing alcohol, it could’ve been a bit worse, though I still have a scar! Anyone else have scars from their trivial pursuits? No – is that just me?

Here’s what the trivia host has to say:

Hey, all. A couple things of note regarding trivia tomorrow (8 p.m. Monday, July 20) at Hermann’s.

1. Trivia will be on the outside patio. I haven’t been down there since the streets have been taken up, but I imagine this is an area in front of Hermann’s on Liberty St. This is to maximize the amount of teams able to play. If we did it inside, about the max amount of teams they could have would be four. The weather is set to be great tomorrow. This leads to point 2.

2. In being outside, that means one thing:. No PowerPoint. Since I started hosting at Hermann’s, in the six years I’ve been there, the number of times we’ve gone without a PowerPoint…..once. So we can’t count on the screen. I get to go back to my old school days of being loud and clear. Lol, but you’ll need to listen too.

3. I think I said this one already, but answers will be submitted through the Playlive page. I will provide the code when we get situated.

4. I’m told that tables will be set up for groups of six or smaller to maximize the number of teams. Larger groups *might* be accommodated, but I can’t guarantee that. Reservations will be allowed starting at 5pm like always.

I think that covers it for now. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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