Summer 2020… Masks, COVID, Crowded Beaches… Oh My!

What a summer we’re having in the US of A! The COVID-19 virus is continuing to dominate the news cycles and our daily lives. Don’t even think about leaving your house unless you have a mask, be careful if you’re going to a bar or restaurant, be careful if you’ve been called back to work – keep your distance from your co-workers, who knows what kind of risky, stupid things they’re doing off the clock! Maybe hosting a graduation party, going to a crowded house party, maybe French kissing someone with COVID-19.

The very best part about wearing a mask all day at work – besides being able to smell everything you consumed – and having your own personal hands-free self-contained snot rag – is taking the damn thing off the very second you step outside. Are the backs of your ears a bit achy from the elastic straps? Yep!

Still, feeling like Mary Tyler Moore when she tosses her hat in the air – and also a bit like Fred Flintstone saying “Yabba, dabba, doo” – even if you’re too tired to say it with much gusto – and didn’t he slide down a dinosaur tail or something (ugh so much climbing) – well, that’s something!

And…something else when you decide to “rock out” to the Styx song “Too Much Time on My Hands” in your car (singing along, of course). Now that, my friends, is COVID-19 induced insanity!

As the song says….”Is it any wonder I’m sane at all?”


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