The Sporcle Live Final Questions Are Back! Also, In Other Trivia News…

As long as I can stay on top of the task, I’ll be sharing final questions from Sporcle Live trivia games on this site for the convenience of the trivia loving folks who follow this blog site!

So far, I’ve only heard of a couple of fairly “local” Sporcle Live shows opening up near me – both of which are in Farmington/ Livonia (host “Wild Bill”). I’ve also seen “coming on this date” and “coming soon” listed for some of the bars. I’ll try to monitor this as best as I can, but (ugh) I start working again next week…so there’s that!

My stance continues to be staying away from indoor bar/restaurant settings for the forseeable future – maybe even until 2021. I’m not sold that COVID-19 is completely done with us yet – and I’m reading way too many stories about indoor social gatherings leading to infections, illness and even hospitalization/death. As much as I love and  miss pub trivia, it’s a sacrifice I must make – especially since I have a couple of “vulnerable” parents, I have underlying asthma and one of my closest friends has an autoimmune disorder.

A friend of a friend of ours recently invited us to his 40th birthday party, which is several months after his actual birthday – which is happening this weekend. I declined the invitation – I predict it will be big COVID-19 love-in. Now I wonder if people I know will wind up getting infected as a result of this pointless (and unnecessarily vain) – birthday party. Why have a big to-do if you’re turning 40? Inquiring minds want to know…

I’m slightly concerned about my return to work next week. I’ll be doing my part to distance myself from others, carry hand sanitizer with me, keep a can of Lysol in my locker (seriously…I will do that), wear gloves, and wear a mask per the company policy. I’m just not completely sold that customers – or my co-workers – will be as respectful (most of them don’t even bother washing their hands before going on break to eat…and some of them don’t wash their hands after using the restroom…so gross). If I have to quit as a result, I will quit! The money I’m making isn’t worth risking my life.

In closing, I’ll say I’m taking the weekend off from trivial pursuits. I have a one-night camping trip with my husband Saturday night (a local spot), so no trivia until maybe Monday night.

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