Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…It’s Back To Work I Go…

I got called by my employer today, it looks like I’ll be starting back at work next week. I’m not terribly excited since I make more money sitting on my ass at home watching “South Park” than I did when I was working! But I haven’t been burning through the extra money I’ve made, in fact I have more than enough to cover “just the bills” until the end of the year – not counting money I’ll be making at work!

Truth be told, I’m thankful I have a job to go back to (I’m sure many other unemployed folks will not), thankful I’ll be able to get moving again (my job is quite active), and will be thankful for the little bit of independence I get when driving my car. My singing chops are a bit…rusty!

I know I still need a better job. But I know I would also feel like shit if I WASN’T called back at all.

We’ll have to see what I’m going back to…having to wear a mask for my full shift is NOT going to be fun!

Heigh ho, heigh ho…it’s back to work I go.


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