Trivia Tonight (June 16, 2020)!

I’ll be checking out a “virtual” trivia game tonight for the first time since…early June? I took a bit of a break from the virtual games because I was getting ready for a camping trip, but tonight I’m ready to get back in the saddle! Though there will be no actual saddle…just a nearly broken down old office chair set up by a folding patio table in my basement! The main table will be occupado while my husband sets up a board game for tonight.

The theme will be ’80s music, and I’ll be joining my music trivia pardner in crime Kim via a Zoom conference call. We wound up finishing in third last time we tried playing ’80s music trivia, let’s hope we do a bit better this time!

After spending some time in outdoor bars over the weekend, it actually feels nice to be back home! I don’t have to wear a face mask inside, I’m not going through hand sanitizer overly quickly like I do when I go out (a squeeze before touching public surfaces like door handles/shopping cart handles, a squeeze after touching public surfaces, a couple of squeezes before eating, a squeeze before touching my face, a squeeze before preparing food (if hand washing not available), a couple of squeezes after using the bathroom (again…if hand washing not available). Not sitting at a picnic table with no back support…not worrying about whether the person serving my drinks is also serving the virus…

It was fun being back at a couple of bars, don’t get me wrong…but it’s great to be back where I set the hours – and make the rules!

I’ll have a recap of tonight’s game posted sometime Wednesday.

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