It’s Happening! Camping Trip Next Week…

Now THIS feels like a real vacation! We have a few days on the vacation calendar next week, and plan to camp for two nights at a rustic campground located on the Manistee River, then a couple of nights at a campground near Grand Rapids, MI.

Shopping for a camping trip is a bit challenging during a pandemic! We’ve been trying to stick to the smaller stores. But there were a few things we wanted from Costco, so I did an online order and had a bunch of stuff delivered. Free shipping if your order is $75 or higher. So we got four giant bottles of lemonade, two large bottles of cranberry juice cocktail, a gallon of dish soap, two large cans of peanuts, two cases of sparkling seltzer water and a case of baby wipes.

Beforehand, I did a couple of online orders. A new sleeping bag for my husband, and also a new tent (our old tent is 20 years old). We also got a new LED lantern that can be charged from an outlet or USB device – and the battery will also charge small devices such as phones.

I did a CVS run yesterday (only thing I really wanted was a thermometer) and made sure I wasn’t wasting a trip… ⇓


The Dawn power wash stuff will handle dish washing with minimal water, which will be nice when you’re camping! Also…hand sanitizer is back in stores! CVS had a three-bottle limit, I got two. We still have plenty at home. I haven’t tried that bug sting stuff, but I have a feeling I’m gonna need it!

Today, we did a liquor store run – which involved him going in and buying what he wanted – then me going in and doing the same (doing our part to help stores limit the number of customers).  We also did an Aldi run. Aside from incidentals, we should have enough supplies for our trip! It will be nice to see our “Up North Mom” Janet – see Mike’s cousin when we’re at the Grand Rapids-area campground – and possibly even Mike’s folks on Sunday afternoon. They only live about an hour and change from the campground, so it will be nice to see them for the first time in about six months!

We might try also visiting a couple of craft breweries, but only if we’re able to be seated outdoors. One I really want to visit is Short’s in Bellaire. They had a nice patio area outdoors last time we visited in 2018: ⇓


Weather looks like it’s going to be decent, my big concern about this trip is…bugs! I have two nearly full cans of Deep Woods Off! with DEET, plus a partial can of this other stuff that’s a bit more hard core. What I usually do is spray whatever I’ll have on my head (such as a bandanna or hat), wear a long-sleeve shirt and spray the back of the collar and the bottom of the sleeves, spray my socks and bottoms of pant legs and tuck my pants into the socks if necessary (though if I’m wearing leggings I won’t have to do that). When it’s time to go to bed, I wipe down with baby wipes so I’m not bringing my…fragrance – into the tent. Nothing says “don’t come hither” like being drenched in Off!

I’m bringing plenty of things for sanitation. We’ll have a water dispensing jug for hand washing, hand sanitizer, dish soap for cleaning dishes, a five-gallon solar shower and I’ll have disinfectant (diluted bleach) and plenty of cleaning cloths/paper towels. Pump handles will get wiped down before I use them, toilet seats will get wiped down and I’ll avoid using community hand sanitizer. I can sanitize my hands before touching any door handles. I’ve been pretty germophobic all of my life – the 2020 pandemic just really caused me to bring my “A” game! I have a little bottle I carry with me when I go anywhere these days.

The second campground we’re visiting will have showers if we feel like sanitizing our bodies!!!

Because of a recent “stay at home order” this will definitely feel more like a vacation than previous trips! It will feel like getting out of jail!


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