Will Pub Trivia Come Back in Michigan?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced opening up some business sectors in the state that were previously closed – (or offering only carryout/delivery/pickup), including restaurants/bars, retail, etc. Bars and restaurants must operate at half capacity, use best sanitation practices, yada yada.

So what does this mean for pub trivia players? Here are the statements that were released recently by both Sporcle Live and My Trivia Live on their respective Facebook pages:

Sporcle Live:

As counties and states allow bars and restaurants to re-open, the criteria Sporcle is using to decide when to resume in-person trivia is as follows:

1. Both federal and local guidelines allow a bar or restaurant to be open.
2. The bar or restaurant is open and following best practices regarding cleanliness, limited capacities, social distancing, etc.
3. The trivia host feels comfortable resuming work and is taking steps to keep themselves and others safe and socially distanced.
4. The in-person trivia event will utilize our new digital scoring system to collect answers.

My Trivia Live


This is the news we’ve been waiting for!

We will announce our shows as our venues start to open up.

Please understand that due to the nature of these times, the structure and some of the rules of My Trivia Live will change. We ask that you be patient with us. ALL of us small businesses in the restaurant industry are figuring it out as we go!

We want to thank you to everyone who supported us during this time. Please continue to support us in the following ways:

1. Call your venue and ask them if they are planning to bring back trivia. They need to know the demand is still there!

2. Go out and play! Spend money to help these venues get back up and running!

What Does This Mean For My Trivia Team?

Short answer? I don’t know yet. Stay tuned…

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