Inspired To Do Another Presidents Blog?

Maybe it was not doing really well in a recent “presidents” theme trivia game (which I partially blame on too much day drinking leading up to the game and also not having scrap paper to use during the game to jot down names of presidents). Maybe it was watching the three-part Ulysses Grant History Channel miniseries last week. Maybe I’ve just always had a fascination with U.S. presidents…Maybe it’s the nice weather. Well, I am currently sitting under an umbrella on my sun-drenched deck behind my house)! Could be any number of things!

All of that said, I thought it might be fun to learn what Western Zodiac signs all of the U.S. presidents were! I certainly wouldn’t want it to be awkward if I traveled back in time and had a chance to use a common 1970s pick-up line on future president Ulysses S. Grant and asked him:

What’s your sign, baby?

He was a Taurus, of course!

If I ever get around to writing this blog – and you read it/memorize it (LOL), then you’ll never have to wonder about what presidents were Aquarians (there were actually FIVE, more than any other Zodiac sign, besides Scorpio), and which presidents shared a birthday of November 2 (Polk and Harding, for the record).

In the meantime, I’ll start on doing a couple of recaps from  Sunday’s trivia games! One of which was ’80s TV (ugh…I’m pretty strong in ’80s movies, and ’80s music, but not so good at ’80s TV) and the other just a general knowledge trivia game. Which was rough! So I’ll get to those about…now!


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