The “Show Us Your Returnables” Challenge!

I decided to go into the garage this evening to organize/corral the returnable bottles/cans. I live in Michigan, where our residents have not been allowed to redeem our cans for the 10 cent deposits since about mid-March.

We’ve been cutting back slightly on beer consumption! We’ve had some growlers filled from local craft breweries, and  have been drinking some canned beers from a brewery not far from us. Those cans are segregated in a separate box – I’m hoping that when we get the thumbs-up to return them, I can just bring those directly to the brewery and avoid the lines at the self-service machines at big grocery stores. Gah, I hated using those gross, gross things BEFORE the pandemic! I can’t even imagine what the chaotic scene will be like once people start emptying their battleship hulls, garages, bomb shelters…ugh…no thanks! I think I’d rather donate them to a scout group or something!

Speaking of battleships (LOL), I’ve heard some stories about people collecting enough cans/bottles to fill the hull of a battleship! Thankfully our “hoard” is quite manageable! I thinned the herd a bit by just putting oddball items right in the recycling bin (cans/bottles that can only be returned to specific stores, or can’t be returned to large grocery stores). Also, a case of beer cans and a couple of random empties are in our basement and thus not pictured here: ⇓


When taking pictures of your hoarded stuff, be sure it’s in the most flattering lighting!


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