Adventures in “Local” Shopping (Pandemic 2020 Edition)…

Since mid March, my husband and I have been attempting to stick to the happy hippie “buy local” M.O. Aside from making a few trips to Meijer (mainly just for booze, LOL) and Aldi and buying a couple of random things from Amazon, we’ve been trying to support local businesses near us. Including a brewery about a mile from us! Wednesday, I plan to visit another local brewery to get a growler of cider for a friend who’s having her birthday.

Today, was no exception to the “buy local” M.O.! A food cooperative about 1.5 miles away from me started offering e-mail ordering/curbside pickup around when the pandemic hit my state, and only recently have I started taking advantage of that service! You send an email to them telling them what you want, and they’ll put an order together for you. When you’re ready to pay, you call them and pay for your stuff. Then you pull up, and they deliver the goodies to your car!

It’s far too pricey of a place to do all of our shopping, but it’s perfect for those “in between” times – or for getting the oddball things your regular store might not have. My “regular” store sadly didn’t have Cream of Wheat (not even a generic equivalent) when I was there last week, and now I’m running low on what was in my cupboard. It’s been fantastic for breakfast when I’m recovering from oral surgery AND have stitches healing in my gums! The food co-op didn’t have exactly what I wanted, but they did have “cream of buckwheat.” I thought, “meh, I like buckwheat pancakes, so I’m sure I’ll like this stuff fine! It’s probably better for you, too. While I was on the phone with them, I asked if my husband wanted anything, and he said “ginger beer.” So we got a couple of four packs of those that we can use to make Moscow mules tonight.

Sometimes they have good sales, too! We bought a couple of quart size bottles of lemonade for 2/$3 last week.

We also stopped at an open-air farm market to pick up some veggies, and look at flowers. But it was WAY too crowded with other lollygaggers also looking at flowers, so we decided to just get the veggies and get the f— out of there. Before we stopped home, my husband said, “Maybe Superior Farm and Garden” will have flowers?” It’s a new joint that opened up last year, not far from our house. So we stopped in and picked up the last full flat they had of petunias! They also had a bag of fertilizer he needed for his vegetable garden, so woot!


2020 flowers

I’ll be putting these in pots very soon! Purple is one of my favorite colors…

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