Ordered A New Tent Today! AND I Can Stand Up In It!

I ordered a new camping tent online today. Shopping for a tent can be quite an ordeal when you’re a tall person! Using the “compare” feature on the REI web site, I looked at all of the four-person tents – even ones out of our price range – and looked at the “peak center heights” of each of the tents. Let’s see…61 inches? Uh, NO! How about 68 inches? Keep trying! We also wanted features like generous vestibules, double doors, etc.

The REI brand tents proved to be clear winners with 75 inch center heights so…after reading through reviews, we ultimately decided upon the “Grand Hut 4” tent: ⇓


Not actual size…

My camping partner and I are both getting a bit too old and creaky to be crawling out of tents. Our former tent was also an REI model, and served us very well – in all sorts of horrid conditions (wind, rain and even some light snow – Kentucky weather can be a bitch). Always kept us and our gear bone-dry, even when the campground started to flood at Mammoth Cave National Park in 2009! If our tent hadn’t been staked down, it might very well have carried us down the river!


The tent is in the background…our camp site at Leelanau State Park in October, 2016.

I also laundered my sleeping bag today, and was going to do the same to my husband’s, but his is pretty shabby, and won’t hold up to laundering. So we’ll be replacing that soon, too. He’s had it 14 years, so it’s OK to retire it now.

Can’t wait to do our first camping trip of 2020! As always, we’ll be prepared for anything, like the torrential rains we had at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in 2010 (we sought shelter in a bar in Newberry, MI and watched World Cup matches and drank cheap pitchers of beer). Here’s a pic from that trip: ⇓


You can’t see the tent in this picture, but it’s here on the site somewhere!


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