The Tooth…Is Out There…

I had a tooth extraction and bone graft today. The bone graft is supposed to keep my surrounding  teeeth from shifting. Later, after robbing a quickie  mart or two (JK), I may get  a bridge, which offers a more permanent  solution. But if I wait  til 2021, we have another $1,000 deductible kick in to help offset costs.

It’s  frustrating  since I was putting forth a lot of effort  to not have any dental  catastrophes  this year. Flossing after  every meal…Jeez, I was in the midst of flossing when an older filling gave up the ghost!

Bought  a bunch of mushy food at grocery store yesterday. Fruit smoothie, yogurt, refried beans, guacamole (avocadoes are really  really  good for ya), pudding, applesauce, ice cream. Also some cream of chicken soup. I have some Cream of Wheat in the cupboard  but couldn’t  find any at the store.

I just popped a 800 mg capsule of ibuprofen, I’m  hoping that helps knock me out a bit…

Ain’t  life  grand? Thinking of getting  some nice strong Imperial stout to have with the vanilla ice cream. A brewery about  a mile from me has a 10 percent ABV stout I’ve  been wanting to try.

In “beer speak,” the word  “imperial” is essentially code for “extra strong.” Honestly, all I want is to feel like an empress….sigh! Enough  10 percent ABV beers ought  to do the trick, right?

If I’m  feeling perky enough later  today or tomorrow, I’ll  try to get  some trivia blogging done! I watched a free streaming  show last night  and may sign up for one tonight.

On that note, let’s see what shows are open at 7 tonight!

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