“Georgia’s In Florida – Dumb Ass!”

I’ll  be playing  with my two “map guys” from my trivia team Sunday under  the team name “Georgia’s In Florida…Dumbass.” It’s  an Idiocracy quote. I’ll  make sure we have scrap paper and pens in  case we need  to draw  crude  maps.

I don’t  think  we’ll  be the best team playing, but I’ll have my best  map guys from my team by my side. Well, except Brad…he’ll  be playing remotely about three miles  away. We team up fairly well on geography questions – I’m  decent at naming countries, capitals, etc. – and they’re  good at knowing where the Hell  they are.

Friday it will be ’80s movies night and my brother  will be joining in from 700 miles away (give or take a few miles).

The “virtual meetups” have been kind of fun!


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