Trivia Recap – VIRTUAL/STREAMING – May 12, 2020

Me, my quarantine pardner “Mike” and my old “name that tune” trivia pardner “Kim” waved hi to each other on Zoom cameras in a Sporcle Live “virtual” trivia game Tuesday night presented by the Seattle-based host Alan. I hadn’t seen Kim since sometime in late February, when I picked up Girl Scout cookies from her. I also got to wave “hi” to her two daughters and her husband (one of many, many men out there right now sporting “pandemic” – or “bunker” beards)!

In an interesting twist, Kim had already played a virtual trivia game earlier in the evening, so this was the second time she’d seen the questions! Mike and I had NOT seen the previous questions (aside from the final q, which she shared with me in a message, which I knew the answer to). We had the opportunity to have a perfect game, but…that’s not how I roll! We still made legit guesses – and legit misses!

Here’s a photo of the players (we used the team name “It’s a Global Pandemic, Charlie Brown” ⇓


Here are the questions:

1. Hypnos is the Greek God of what natural process? Mike helped with this one…

2. Which main character on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was played by two different actresses during its six season run? I’ve never really watched this show, so miss.

3. What Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher was the first to win three Cy Young Awards? Nope…

4. A regular six-sided die has faces that are square in shape. What shape are the faces on a regular 12-sided die? Mike knew this one (even without digging the thing out of his dice bag)!

5. Which U.S. state is referenced by name in the title of a 2017 film that was nominated for best picture? Yep…

6. Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott are collectively known by what name, which is also the title of their first TV series and their media franchise? I made correct guess here…

7. A 1963 robbery in England that resulted in theft of 2.6 million pounds gets its nickname because it involved what form of transportation? Yep…

8. What name is shared by the second most populous city in Australia and a city on the east coast of Florida? Mike knew this one…

9. What early manufacturer of televisions operated a TV network from 1945 to 1956, which served as a brief rival of NBC and CBS? Nope…only two teams playing got this one correct.


10. Sorry…no question 10! I didn’t take a photo of this question and didn’t write it down.

Mystery – State Agriculture

M1 – Which U.S. state produces the most apples, by far?

M2 – Which U.S. state produces the most grapes, by far?

M3 – Name one of the U.S. states that produces the most cranberries

M4 – What U.S. state produces the second most strawberries, by far, the most of any state East of the Mississippi?

We got all of these…

Final Category – Song Titles

UB40 had two #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, and both were covers of songs originally released by solo artists in the ’60s. Name either of those solo artists.

Easy one for me…my mom and dad were both big fans of the singer recording this song (the singer who is still alive)!

We wound up being tied for second…unsure about the points (they don’t matter right now, do they)?

’80s music trivia game tonight!!! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Aunt Viv!

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