Should You Go Out Without PPE During Pandemic 2020? Let a d20 Decide That For You!


Folks, use Dungeons and Dragons rules when considering being around others without protection during this pandemic.

Remember, it has roughly a 5% fatality rate, and roughly 20% of people wind up hospitalized.

So take a hard look at your health and gauge your Constitution score between 3 and 18, with 3 being incredibly frail (like Mr. Glass here) ⇓



…and 18 being Bear Grylls level of health… (like Mr. Grylls here) ⇓

Don’t forget, you’re at your peak in your 20s and 30s, so take what you think you’d be in your 20s and subtract one point for every 15 years above the age of 40.

Now go to the store without protection (face/nose coverings at the bare minimum, no social distancing). Roll a d20. If you roll your Constitution score or lower, you won’t go to the hospital. If you roll higher than your Constitution score, it’s hospitalization (and bankruptcy if you’re in America) for you! If you roll a 20, you DIE.

Those are NOT good odds. Protect yourselves, people.

These words were written by my D&D loving husband!

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