Anyone Want To Play Against My Trivia Team Tonight? Virtually?


I’m not gonna lie…I miss the competitiveness of pub trivia! Having the players/teams to beat, the gratification of kicking their asses when I’m lucky, consoling myself by saying “I lost to the best” when I lose to them. Winning gift card prizes, snickering when hosts say dirty words, bickering with my team about answers (sigh)… I miss it all! Am I in a hurry to go back to restaurants/bars anytime soon? Nope! I can wait…

The next best thing right now are the virtual Zoom games!

I already have a couple of local players whom have been signing up to play at the same times we play just for fun! It would be great to see more folks I know in the mix…

DO IT! Pay the five bucks and play against my trivia team! 8 p.m. with Kimberly the Ypsilanti host… Sign up here.

Psssst…I also heard that an upcoming “theme” trivia game is going to be “presidents!” I’m VERY excited about that topic!

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