Grocery Trips, Panhandlers, Beer Runs, Board Games – And Other Quarantine “Excitement”

This blog site continues  to get  a lot of traffic even though  I’m  not writing many new blogs these days. Thanks for that! Like millions  of others right now, I’m  not leaving the house much these days. Residents  of my state (Michigan) remain under a state-mandated  “stay at home order” until May 15. We’ve  been pretty much “locked down” since mid March. 😷

I’ve  been “tuning in”  to live streaming  trivia shows and doing recaps of those. I’ve  done a couple of blogs  about  trips to the grocery  store (telling a panhandler in the parking to stay six feet away was the highlight of last week’s  trip, lol). I’m  taking walks when weather is nice, and playing  board games with my husband  most evenings  in the basement “rumpus  room.” My life right now is hardly exciting  enough to blog about! Wait..I did see a huge chipper shredder  while  taking  a walk yesterday 😆

In a while, my husband  and I will take a short drive to get…beer! I’ve  learned that a ginger beer is now on tap at Original  Gravity Brewing  Company  in Milan. The plan  is to have  this beer for “happy  hour” in our driveway Monday when it’s  supposed to be warm and sunny. We used  to be able to decide on the fly to go out for beer in local “bier gartens” on nice days, but no more! Bars aren’t  open now,  so “happy hour” requires  a bit of “planning!” We keep vodka and mixers  on hand these days, but not beer. We have  a brewery  about  a mile away to get it, or we can visit any old liquor  store or grocery store when we want beer. We haven’t  been drinking much beer these days because  we can’t  return bottles and cans for refunds. Recycling  services suspended where we live, too. Sorry – you’re  not going  to persuade a child  of a hippie to just  put recyclable stuff in the trash (perish that thought)! 😅 watch where you put that cardboard, can or plastic bottle, Mister!

Monday, we’re  making  a 25 minute drive  to get  a couple  of growlers of beer (and take a little walk around  town). It will be worth the trip! Ginger  beer not easy  to find, especially  at stores.  And it’s  so, so GOOD!

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