If I Hear The Words “Stay Safe” In One More Ad? Grrr….

OK, I get it… we’re all living in the “new normal,” everything we knew before is pretty much out the window.

But…seriously – if I hear the words “stay safe” in another goddamn advertisement I’m going to do something really, really risky! Granted, that risky thing won’t be standing within six feet of another person or willfully touching a person living outside of my household, but…

Shit’s getting real, folks! Hell, Germany even canceled their annual Oktoberfest celebration already!

So, I don’t really know what risky thing I’ll do if I hear “stay safe” one more time (you got me, folks). But I will say I want nothing more than to know what that actually means – especially if it doesn’t mean hunkering down in our domiciles.

That is all for now…


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