Looks Like a Road Trip To Milan Might Be In Order! Also 30 Day Quarantine Update

I just learned yesterday that the “Root Down” ginger beer is back on tap at Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan, MI! This is definitely one of my favorite beers that they have on tap, and it is usually only available seasonally. Also, this particular style of beer is not one I can get on draft locally. This just might be an excuse to take a roughly 25 minute drive to a cute little town I haven’t seen for about a month!

What other reason to visit this place again? It’s one of a handful of trivia spots we’ve played at, though we recently decided that we probably weren’t going to play there anymore, since The Owl opened up in the same town on a different night and worked out better for my team.

This is still a good “local” business to help support – and an excuse to take a “little drive!” We can place our order and pay for it by phone, and they’ll likely just bring it to our car.

In other news, I showered, washed my hair AND blow dried it today! Yes, I feel like I deserve a medal (LOL)! This was the first time I’ve used my blow dryer in about a month, and the first time I used my flat iron in probably about three months. Also, I used a packet of Matrix’s “Dark Envy” shampoo my stylist gave me when I had my last haircut on March 14. Not really drastic results, but kind of makes me feel like more of a brunette again (even though the streaks of grey are still there…that’s OK – I’m not pretending to be in my 20s):


Me after “about” 30 days of quarantine.

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