What Did I Accomplish Today? I Made Porcupine Balls!

A few days  ago, I cooked what my “quarantine  partner” said was  a pretty  killa stir fry. Though  it came at a cost – I fucked up a batch  of rice  I’d  made by transposing  some measurements!

Tonight  I fiund a way to “rescue” the excess rice I almost thoroughly  cooked! I used  some  of  it to make  “porcupine  balls.” Basically, meatballs  with uncooked  rice in them.

I put a half  cup of the umcooked rice in the meatballs  and will  use the remainder  in chicken  fried rice and some chicken  gumbo soup.

Under  nomal circumstances I wouldn’t  sweat  ruining  a batch  of rice. But rice is a hot commodity  in stores  these  days! #wastenotwantnot

I’ve  often  speculated  that in a past  life, I survived  the Great  Depression. Could  those  instincts  be kicking  in now?

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