(REVISED) Filling The Pub Trivia Void Day 21 – Sunday, April 5, 2020

NOTE: A Couple of corrections have been made to the first mystery found involving the word “Easter.” 


Just to ensure there is a good category mix, all of these categories mirror categories from a previous Sporcle Live game (or are very, very similar). So these aren’t questions involving things “only I would know,” LOL!


Also, additional note…these categories are from a game that happened around Thanksgiving and I haven’t changed any of the categories (maybe only slightly) – though I did my best to “adapt” the questions to not be about the December holidays!

Game One

1. Traditions – Within one, in what decade did the first “Easter Egg Roll” occur on the White House lawn? Bonus point for also naming who was president with this happened.

2. Holiday Music – What composer wrote The Messiah?

3. Symbols – What baked sweet treat traditionally eaten around Easter is shaped like a common symbol for both Easter – and Christianity?

4. Albums –  What rapper’s 1996 debut album was called “Supa Dupa Fly?”

5. Not Meat – What meat alternative company went public in May, 2019 and trades under the ticker symbol BYND?

6. Brand Names – Though known mainly for its spiral-sliced hams, what food retailer sells hams, turkey breasts and other pre-cooked entrées, side dishes, and desserts and was founded in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan? Its headquarters is in Alpharetta, GA and has 415 locations nationwide.

7. Football – What football play involves the quarterback faking a handoff to the running back and continuing running with the ball opposite from the direction the running back was headed? This play shares its name with a specific type of audio recording. See? I didn’t make this sportsball question TOO easy, did I?

8. Movies –  What Dreamworks animated sequel starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake is scheduled to be released April 10 2020?

9. TV Specials – What is the name of the Easter-themed “Peanuts” special released in 1974?

10. After Easter – Though Easter is not a federal holiday, which federal holiday will be the next one on the 2020 calendar?

Mystery – Easter– each answer can be spelled using the letters in “Easter.”

M1 – Bruce Springsteen’s backing band
M2 – 1991  Guns ‘n Roses song from the “Use Your Illusion II” album with expensive accompanying video featuring a freighter, concert footage from a German  soccer arena among other things
M3 – Marvel comics character played by Benedict Cumberbatch
M4 –  2004 movie featuring  both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet about emotional brainwashing

Game Two

 1. Arcade Games – A key represents the final level in the original 1980 version of Pac-Man. What fruit represents the final level in  the 1981 arcade game Ms. Pac-Man? I came up with this question myself! Mike didn’t help me come up with this one (LOL)! Only because he wasn’t awake when I was typing these up…

2. Sketch Comedy – What was the name of the 1990 sketch comedy series featuring several members of the Wayans among other performers?

3. Islands – The archipelago called The Azores belongs to what European nation?

4. Book Titles – The science fiction novel The Institute is one of the best-selling books of 2020 and was written by what author – whom is best known for horror fiction? The book’s plot centers around children with special mental abilities living in an institution.

5. Colors  – What color, which shares its name with a type of radiation – and light used to sterilize surfaces – was the Pantone Color Of The Year for 2018?

6. Technology – What video conferencing company founded in 2011 recently became the subject of multiple news articles stating concerns about it security – with some school districts – including New York City’s – banning its use?

7. War Movies – What 1957 film starring Alec Guinness won him an Academy Award for best leading actor and also won best picture?

8. Drummers – Rick Allen, whom lost an arm in a vehicle accident, is the drummer for what British hard rock band?

9. Art Terms – The art technique “tromp -l’œil” is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusions and means what in English?

10. Measurements – What unit of volume is just under 34 fluid ounces?

Visual Mystery – Curtis Armstrong Roles

Identify the movies (or TV shows) based on the following images featuring actor Curtis Armstrong.

1 ⇓ (1983)


2 ⇓ (late 1980s)


3 ⇓ (1984)


4 ⇓ (1985)


Final Category – Supergroups

Name two of the four members of the rock “supergroup” Damn Yankees formed in 1989, whose highest charting hit was “High Enough,” peaking at #2 in 1990.


One thought on “(REVISED) Filling The Pub Trivia Void Day 21 – Sunday, April 5, 2020

  1. Game One

    1. 1878, Rutherford B. Hayes
    2. George Handel

    3.Hot cross buns
    4.missy elliott

    5. beyond burger

    6. honeybaked ham
    7. bootleg
    8. trolls world tour

    9. It’s the easter beagle, charlie brown

    10. Memorial Day

    Mystery – Easter– each answer can be spelled using the letters in “Easter.”

    M1 – e street band
    M2 – estranged
    M3 – stephen strange
    M4 –sheena easton

    Game Two

     1. banana (kind of kinky, eh?)

    2. in living color

    3. portugal

    4. stephen king

    5. ultraviolet

    6. zoom

    7.bridge on the river kwai

    8. def leppard

    9. fool the eye

    10. liter

    Visual Mystery – Curtis Armstrong Roles

    Identify the movies (or TV shows) based on the following images featuring actor Curtis Armstrong. 

    1 ⇓ (1983) risky business

    2 ⇓ (late 1980s) moonlighting

    3 ⇓ (1984) revenge of the nerds

    4 ⇓ (1985) better off dead

    Final Category – Supergroups

    Tommy Shaw
    Jack Blades
    Ted Nugent
    Michael Cartellone

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