Trivia Recap (STREAMING) – Thursday, April 3, 2020

I tuned into another “live streaming” trivia show Thursday night once again presented by a Sporcle Live trivia host named “Mike D.” So another chance to lounge on the couch, drink one of my patented “Pandemic Cape Cod Grogs” and be exposed to some delightful, delightful trivia!

Here are the questions that were presented to players on this night (all of which had an “animal” tie in):

1. What kind of animal is featured in the name of a brand of straight bourbon whiskey distilled near Lawrenceburg, KY and known its popular 101 variant?

2. Small, furry creatures called “Tribbles” have been featured in what TV series, with their first appearance made in the 1967 episode titled “The Trouble with Tribbles?”

3. What animal is featured on the state flag of Wyoming?

4. Name the two “Big Four” sports teams based in Ontario, Canada what have non-human animal team names.

5. Prior to the “Disney Renaissance” which began with the release of the 1989 movie “The Little Mermaid,” Disney released three animated films with animal title characters in the 1980s. Name one of those three films. Yay I was able to name all three!

6. What two words fill in the blank of the following book written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond, which was first published in 1985, and began a series of similarly titled books? No clue.

7. What is the animal related title of a 1977 Bob Marley and the Wailers single with the lyrics “Don’t worry about a thing…every little thing is gonna be all right?”

8. What popular toy line sold by Tonka beginning in 1984 featured stuffed animals packaged in a specially shaped cardboard case with an adoption certificate? Should’ve known this, but nope…

9. Name one of the two most recent presidential pets to live in the White House. Remembered one, but not both…

10. What kind of animals are Sonic the Hedgehog’s friends “Tails” and “Knuckles?” I had no clue on this one, but Mike knew this one…

Mystery – I didn’t take very good pictures of this…(sorry).

Final Category – Logos

Put the following companies in order according to where the color of the animal that has been featured in their logos appears in a rainbow, starting with the outermost color. Lacoste, Lamborghini, Dodge, Twitter, ING





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