“I Haven’t Seen You Since Before The 2020 Pandemic”

I’ve  only seen a handful  of family members and friends since March 16. Each time it’s  been within safe distances only! I’ve  seen my friend Brad twice (walked to his house both times), saw my friend Kim and  her daughters  from our moving vehicle while they were out in the yard yesterday  and today Scott came by to get  a…bag of flour! I went  grocery shopping  earlier  and found  some at Meijer. I texted him and told  him he could  have  it… (he said he’d  run out).

I’m  enjoying the brief  times I get to have real social interaction!

Last week, I briefly  saw my mom when she dropped off some items from Costco. Funny, my first stop today was Costco, but I didn’t  feel like waiting  in line to get “carded” as long as one for an amusement  park (when social distance  is taken into account) – so I went to Meijer instead. I wanted  to get a couple  of big bottles of Kirkland vodka, but…well, Meijer sells vodka, too, don’t  they? Hmmmmm…

Meijer wasn’t  too busy when I was  in there. And I got some toilet  paper – and enough  vodka  and cranberry  juice to last at least a week!


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