Game Recaps Coming Soon! (Yes Really)! March 26, 2020

I “tuned in” for a couple of “live” trivia games last night which were broadcast on Facebook – one of them was served up by a Sporcle Live host named Mike D (waiting to hear back from him about whether he cares whether I share the questions or not…but regardless they will be shared here anyway – even if not on Facebook). The other was a live show by a My Trivia Live host.

I took really, really, abbreviated notes of both shows…but was able to take pictures of the Sporcle questions!

Thanks to all of you for continuing to visit this blog site…WHERE THE TRIVIA NEVER STOPS! For inquiring minds, I have ZERO plans to do any “live” trivia shows of my own! I prefer to be more of a “behind the scenes” gal, have a great face for radio and Hell…I won’t even audition for Jeopardy because I have no desire to be on TV!

I will continue posting daily trivia question sets of my own (working on one of those right now). Don’t touch that dial!

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