Hebspeaks’ Trivia And Coronavirus Statement…

Hi blog readers! I just wanted to pass along this “note” and let you know how much I love and appreciate you all!

That said, I hope you are all healthy…or taking steps to make yourselves healthy during this “Pandemic Mode.”  I still have some coughs from a lingering cold…but am  otherwise healthy. I don’t work directly with the general public, work only part time, and have been practicing “social distancing” and rigorous hand washing for… pretty much my whole life!

All of that said, during these upcoming dark times when pub trivia games may be called off – and (the horror) – local bars may even be closed for business – I’m going to do my best to make sure that my blog followers feeling the trivia “itch” can get their trivia “itches” scratched by visiting THIS site!

I’m going to try to make sure I keep my trivia followers engaged when we’re all under government-ordered house arrest and aren’t able to go out and play live trivia games. I’m going to try to put together as many trivia quizzes as I can to keep y’all engaged and scratching those trivia “itches!”

In the meantime, please feel free to read the hundreds of trivia recaps I’ve posted from trivia games I’ve played in over the past…five years or so!

I totally feel all of you. I’m going to be in serious trivia withdrawals involved with not being able to go out and play live trivia games during this whole Coronavirus event! We can go through these trivia withdrawals together – and I’ll do my very, very best to ease those withdrawal symptoms for all of you.

Our two fridges (main fridge and small basement fridge) are both stocked with alcoholic beverages to help ensure we don’t have to do any of these “house arrest” nights at home sober! A local craft brewery was doing half-off priced growler fills until the end of  the business day today, so we filled FIVE half gallon growlers! We also have some random booze we bought a couple of nights ago in the fridge, too.

Didn’t the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared?” And didn’t they also say “Molest as many of those handsome little boys as you can get away with?” Sorry…I should NOT be joking about that. Molesting children is NOT funny at all…

Anyway, in closing…know that I really, really do appreciate –  and love –  my loyal blog followers! And as we head into a point in our lives where social interaction may be difficult or even verboten – I’m here! All you need to do is visit my site from the friendly confines of your phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers! You don’t have to touch me! In fact, I’d rather you didn’t!

But know that you’ve figuratively “touched” me all with your loyalty…

On that note? Good night everybody!

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