BREAKING NEWS…NO Sporcle Live Trivia Shows Until March 30, 2020

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and some of her closest aides were just on TV with news about the COVID-19 virus. As of this posting, there have been more than 30 confirmed cases in Michigan, and steps have been taken to slow the spread of this illness. There are plenty of better sources out there than this blog site to find out more about her emergency address…

In other news, Sporcle Live announced today that its trivia shows will be suspended until March 30. Here’s the announcement:

“At Sporcle, we strive to create mentally stimulating diversions that bring people together. Unfortunately, bringing people together is the exact opposite of social distancing. What’s important right now is the health and safety of everyone in the communities we do business in. With that in mind, as of Monday, we are suspending all Sporcle Live, Stump!, Opinionation and Listen Up Music Bingo shows until at least March 30th, 2020.”

Stay safe and stay healthy my friends. We will get through this.

I haven’t figured out what this means for my team’s trivial pursuits, that all depends upon whether My Trivia Live will be canceling their shows, too.

I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on all local trivia “news” here!


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