When You’re Just Not That Into A…Trivia Spot

I’ve decided that my trivia team will take the remaining two weeks off from playing our Wednesday games at Tower Inn. We’ve more than locked up our semifinals spot, and…I’m just not digging the trivia scene here. I have nothing “bad” to say about the place – the service is “usually” good, the food selections are good (and not too overpriced), and the drink prices don’t break the bank. Also, it’s a close location for at least three of our players. And we’ve done well at winning trivia prizes. All sounds good, right?

So why on Earth would I not love this trivia spot? The answer? I honestly…don’t know! All I know is this has never been anything to me but… a place to qualify for tournaments. I just haven’t “latched” onto this spot. It’s like it’s…missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on.

So where will we play instead? Well, the Sticks games on Thursdays will continue. I’ve been enjoying the trivia nights there, especially now that I’m not working as early as I used to. Also, when we have our “trio,” at Sticks we’ve been kicking some ass! Weather permitting, we’ll probably play the next three games (at least) – at The Owl in Milan. Mike and I both really enjoyed playing there before Tower Inn opened up as a spot – and now that Daylight Savings Time has kicked in, the “away” games are more appealing!

Then – when the new MTL season starts in April, we’ll probably (sigh) go back to playing at Tower Inn. Duty calls? Perhaps a really good team will set up “shop” there and give us a run for our money! Bring it, I say! The only way to find out…is to play a few games there.

I know the trivia host at Tower Inn might be a bit disappointed, but I’m trying to keep trivial pursuits something I really WANT to do – and not what I HAVE to do. Is that somewhat childish? I’ll own up to that! But this is coming from the perspective of a person who became so mired in trivia addiction (and its cutthroat competition) that I had to force myself to step back from it for a while (which I did in late 2018). And now that I’m back in the trivia “swing” of things in two different leagues – I don’t want to overdo anything.

Our next trivia outing will be Wednesday at The Owl. Brad is excited that we’ll be bringing our “owler” (32 ounce growler bottle) and he will be able to get it filled with whatever he wants (he’s a big fan of owls…and beer). Those poor teams at The Owl who thought they might get a little break from the trivia competition Wednesday are going to be in for a surprise! Unless we crash and burn…we’re overdue for one of THOSE games!

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