Trivia Recap – March 5, 2020 – Tower Inn

The last time we played a My Trivia Live game at Tower Inn, we won a tiebreaker for first place. Last night, we lost out on a three-way tiebreaker for third place! But the “Quizard of Oz” team was quite elated to come out on top of that tiebreaker, as evidenced by just one telling word:  “Finally!” Congrats to them, well played!

Though we failed on the prize winning front, we still logged a respectable 71 points with very few misses during the game (besides that pesky final question). We still remain in the lead at Tower Inn, which started offering trivia nights in the MTL league last October.

Let’s get to the questions, which will all be abbreviated…

Round One

1. Theater – Kabuki theater is native to what country?

2. Latin – What Latin phrase refers to the stiffening of the joints?

3. Protection – Used to protect enclosures, what pointed strand is called “devil’s rope” by Native Americans?

Round Two

1. Clubs – The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club is located in what U.S. state ?

2. Current TV – As of 2020, what three letters end the titles of TV series beginning with the words Black, Mixed, and Grown?

3. Quarters – In the “50 States” quarter series, the Hudson River and Erie Canal are outlined on which U.S. state’s quarter? For a three point bonus, a palmetto is on which U.S. state’s quarter? Got both parts of this correct.

Round Three

1. Teeth – How many canine teeth are in the typical human mouth? We are always so bad at trivia questions about teeth…are there any dental hygienists or dentists who would like to join our team? Miss 🙂

2. Exercise – What is the Scandinavian sounding name for a company that makes treadmills?

3. Film Quotes – “I drink your milkshake…I drink it up,” is a quote by character played by Daniel Day-Lewis in which 2007 film?

Halftime – Nice Try

Name 4 of the 5 incumbent U.S presidents from the 20th century who attempted and failed at being elected president a second time? Come ON, Mike and Brad (tsk, tsk)! You know I need time to look over my “list”  before I can start helping with the answer #patienceisavirtue Yes, we managed to name four of the five correct guys.


Scores: We were tied for first with 39 points with the Thought Dogs.

Round Four

1. Products – Though considered to be a cheap knockoff, Hydrox cookies were actually created four years earlier than what popular cookie?

2. Literature – “For whom bell tolls…it tolls for thee,” is a quote by what American author?

3. College Life – Seen as a symbol of antiauthoritarianism and rebellion, students at Brigham Young University have been forbidden from doing what since the 1960s?

Round Five

1. Phrases – What phrase, originating during World War II, is derived from the Chinese expression for “work together?”

2. HBO – Alexander Skarsgård plays the manipulative Perry Wright on which HBO series? We used our “word of the day” to avoid answering this…

3. Stereotypes – What game show host comes to the top of the list of the game show host that people typically think of first according to Alex Trebek? And this question was thrown out – and replaced with this one:

3. Women in Politics – What woman, currently serving as senator in California, got her start as mayor of San Francisco in 1978? Miss.

Round Six

1. In the Classroom – Bright yellow poseable clocks bearing what girl’s name have been adorning walls of school classrooms since the 1950s? Huh? No clue, miss.

2. Food – What four-letter word typically precedes “predator” when referring to wildlife?

3. Tennis – What European event is the only event in the tennis Grand Slam that is played on clay?

Scores: ???, 6; Quizard of Oz, 34, I’ve Got a Plan, 58; ???, 69; and ‘Pods/Thought Dogs tied in first with 71.

Final Category – Video Game Companies

What “third party” video game company founded in 1979 by disgruntled former Atari employees also had the best selling video game in 2019?

One team got it correct but didn’t wager – they wound up in first. The second place team ended up with 9 points (unsure who they were), and us, Quizard of Oz and one other team were tied for third. We had to answer this tiebreaker:

Featuring a 10-inch touch screen, what is the original standard prize for the T-series Nordic Track treadmill?

I attempted to answer this, but went too low…Quizard of Oz came closest and won $10 (congrats to them again)!

This concludes our trivial pursuits for the week. We’ll be skipping tonight’s game at Sticks, but will likely be back next week. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Wink Martindale!







One thought on “Trivia Recap – March 5, 2020 – Tower Inn

  1. round one answers: Japan, rigor mortis, barbed wire
    Round two: PA, ish, New York/SC
    Round Three – four, nordic track, there will be blood
    halftime – taft, hoover, ford, carter hw bush
    round four – oreo, hemingway, beards
    round five – gung ho, big little lies, wink martindale/dianne feinstein
    round six – judy, apex, french open

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