Good News On the Work Front!

We’ve had a little organizational shake-up at work, and one of the supervisors with whom I don’t get along with very well will be moved to a different position since her position was eliminated. This means she’s no longer my direct supervisor – as she’s been for roughly the past four years.

I honestly wish her well in her new position! But as for me, a little bit of celebrating is in order…I’ll keep it low key…like Al Gore (see photo below).

In other work related news, I finally got some items I ordered from the “dotcom” section of the company for which I work. It took nearly TWO WEEKS to get some new black T-shirts and black socks I ordered for the new “Johnny Cash” (all black) dress code we’re doing at work. I think the T-shirts I ordered may have been shipped from a warehouse in Reno, NV! At the cheap price I paid for them, it was well worth the wait!


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