Wayback Machine Time! Trivia News From The Last Leap Year (2016)…

Four years ago today, my husband and I played a trivia game at Maiz Mexican Cantina in Ypsilanti, MI. Sadly, Maiz no longer serves up trivia nights. You can read a recap of that game by clicking here.

We played a season at Maiz in 2015, but other than that, it was pretty much an “occasional” trivia spot only. You can read more about our experiences playing at Maiz here.


Me and my trivia “peeps” at Maiz in late 2015 ⇑

From what my Facebook news feed is telling me, it was four years ago today that we started eyeing a new trivia spot – which was Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI. Since we stopped playing regularly at the Corner Brewery the previous fall, we went on a “search” for another new regular spot which took…quite a while! Almost a whole year, as I recall! The Wurst Bar became a regular spot for us in August, 2016 – and we played there until the end of 2017. I hear some of the other teams were happy when we left! #sorrynotsorry

The first time we played at Original Gravity in March, 2016 there was a snowstorm! You can read more about that game here.

As of now, I don’t know whether we’ll ever play at Original Gravity again. It was never a very “popular” spot with my team, though we did win a couple of tournament spots playing here. The only other player on my team besides me who enjoyed playing here has moved out of town, so it might very well become a “trivia spot of auld.” Which means I’ll have to do a blog about it! Maybe Sunday…

In April, 2019, another trivia spot opened in Milan called The Owl. At least a couple of my players liked this spot better than OG (especially my husband), so we made it a semi-regular spot during the warmer months. But we stopped playing here when another spot closer to home opened up on the same night.

This doesn’t mean we won’t play at The Owl anymore! In fact, there is a good chance we’ll play a visit to The Owl later in March when My Trivia Live does its “bye” week (weather permitting). I haven’t decided whether we’ll continue playing at Tower Inn every Wednesday when their new season starts in April (I’ll have to talk to my team to see what they think). It’s pretty likely we’ll stay there, but it’s too early to predict that now.

That’s it for this little “update from the past!”


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