Let The Sun Shine In!

Not too much to report to you all right now…I’m having a very relaxing Saturday so far. It’s cold – but the sun is shining – and I’m feeling a lot better! That “minor cold” that was vexing me a couple of weeks ago came back with a vengeance (that seems to be the pattern when I get sick), and as a result, I missed a couple of days at work last week. I was coughing so badly on my drive in to work on Friday I just said, “f— it…I’m not going in.”

All of that rest I got Friday was very beneficial! I’m feeling like bundling up and taking a nice winter walk today and doing as that song from the musical Hair says – “Let the sunshine in.”

Hair - 1979

A bunch of hippies singing in Hair.

We had a trivia question Thursday where the answer was “Aquarius.” So of COURSE my mind automatically went to the “Age of Aquarius” song and the “Let the Sunshine In” song from Aquarius. I can’t help it! I’m the unabashed daughter of a hippie and I do retain some of my own “hippie” qualities! I still like tie-dyed stuff…and I still like long-haired guys – and I can tell you lots of things about the song “Alice’s Restaurant” without resorting to the Google. I do draw the line however at ever, ever eating anything made out of carob again!

I’ll be sure to bring the camera along on the walk today and share those pictures here.

On that note, I need to get dressed – so I can let the sunshine in!

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