Trivia Tonight! (February 27, 2020)

We had to miss our trivia game last night because of a 12-hour snowstorm – the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long, long time… That storm was like one of those house guests that show up and won’t leave – even after you’ve dropped every hint in the world!


A view of Wednesday’s snowstorm

This morning’s drive to work gave me a bit of a scare – as I was unable to stop at a red light! I had hit a patch of black ice – thankfully I wasn’t driving too fast – and opposing traffic was stopped. My only choice was to do my best to “right” the car and stay on the road, essentially putting my driving skills to the ultimate test (whew)!  My antilock brakes do need to be replaced, but I’m not sure they would’ve helped in this case.

I fared better than my buddy Brad – who hit a curb and broke his rear axle. He has an older car (a 2001 Toyota Sienna), so he’s hoping for a cheap enough fix to just keep him with wheels long enough so that he can get a “new to him” car. He said, “I should’ve taken the bus today.” Poor Brad! He’s going to be using a rental in the interim.

So…after having been cooped up all day Wednesday – me and a couple of others will be heading out for a trivia battle at Sticks tonight. We moved into first place last week! We’re going to see how things go – see if this could be a possible semifinal spot for us. Our M.O. with trivia as of late has been “less is more!” The more we can do by playing fewer games – and with a minimum number of players – the better! I think the days of us breaking our necks/busting our butts for trivia supremacy are long over. Though I’ll always enjoy the challenge of playing against some of my favorite rivals!

I’ll have a recap of tonight’s game posted on Friday.

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