Snowed In!

I’ve  been  cooped up in my house all day today  because of “Snowmageddon 2020.” Now to see if the snowplows will come out here and clear my neighborhood streets in time so I can  get to work in the morning. If I’m feeling better – my cold came back  for a sequel #allstuffy 😖

Our  neighbor’s  garage  door was damaged by a plow  during a recent snowstorm, and the condo association  provided her with a new one. Now my husband  has joked  about  painting a giant  target on our garage door so that  ours can also be replaced for free! The repairman who worked  on our  neighbor’s garage  took a look at ours and said they don’t  even make parts for ours  anymore. It’s  on our  “to do” list when weather is warmer. We can’t  just get any door – it has to be approved  by the association. My dad  has offered  to help  install a new opener if we need it (he can install those in his sleep).

Yes, condo living  can be a bit restrictive. But there are plenty of benefits, too (such as not mowing  lawns, no repairing roofs/siding/pavement and no snow shoveling). A neighbor’s  condo is listed for $198,000 right now, and Zillow estimates  our condo’s value to be more than double what we paid almost 10 years ago.

Ahh, adulting! I don’t  wanna!!!! 😁


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