When Political Correctness Is OK By Me – And When It Goes Too Far

Around when I started going to college in the early 1990s, “political correctness” started becoming “a thing.” Policemen were starting to be called police officers, firemen were starting to be called firefighters, Native American college mascots were changed to mascots deemed more inoffensive. The Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, MI) “Chippewas” later became known as the “Chips.” Locally, the Eastern Michigan University “Hurons” In Ypsilanti, MI became known as the “Eagles.”


Fire Up, Chips! Yeah…it just doesn’t sound right to me!

And that’s one instance where I have a bit of a problem. I live in a state (Michigan, U.S.A.) where Native American history/heritage is a pretty big thing. I think that erasing the references to Native Americans (previously referred to as “Indians” before that was deemed politically incorrect) essentially erases…them. The more we delete the names such as Hurons, Chippewas, Iroquois, Sioux, Comanche,  from our collective vocabulary. – the more inclined we are to forget. I can see why “Redskins” is offensive, though I have no problem with “Cleveland Indians,” “Kansas City Chiefs” or “Chicago Blackhawks.”

Just the other day a friend and I were chatting back and forth in an e-mail where I was sharing some trivia questions that I had written for my birthday (it’s something I do every year). One of the questions was:

Fredo Corleone and Tony Montana co-star in this 1975 crime drama nominated for best picture involving a bank robbery and a sex change operation.

He had to put in his two cents:


I could tell he was just trying to push my buttons! Not unlike something my older brother would do – and typically still does with me! Here was my response:

Cut the PC crap. It was referred to as a sex change in this movie 🙂

What movie? Dog Day Afternoon, released in 1975. ⇓


John Cazale and Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon.

I suppose I could go into more detail about political correctness, but I think I’ve said what I wanted to say. I like it when it’s accurate, gender neutral – and to the point (example – firefighter instead of fireman). But when it goes overboard to avoid offending people (whom might not even be offended anyway), meh! I can only buy into so much of it…. For the record, my college alma mater will ALWAYS be “Chippewas” to me – NOT “Chips!” As for “gender confirmation surgery,”  I’ll be really bold and say:


BRUCE JENNER HAD A SEX CHANGE OPERATION. And from what I’ve read, he/she hasn’t gone “all the way” with the procedure! Here is “South Park’s” take on Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner).

Ah, maybe it’s time for a nap! Or more accurately, “sleep deprivation confirmation procedure.”

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