Still Feeling “Icky,” But Wouldn’t Be Turned Away if I Were On Cruise Ship!

I know some folks  are way worse off than me health-wise right  now. A couple  of supervisors at work (not my immediate supervisors) were ill and a doctor  visit comfirmed it was flu. Not that “bad flu” everyone is worried about… You  know  that  flu that is turning those  weeklong cruises into indefinite  ones?

I’m  pretty  sure all I have is just  a case of “the sniffles!” I’m  feeling slightly  run down, but not “hit like a truck run down.”

My husband  and I both had a nasty bout with some type  of flu a bit more  than 10 years  ago. You know that kind of sick where you’re  on the can – and also need  to reach for the trash can because  your  “other end” needs emptying too at the exact same time?

Uh…I don’t  think I need  to say any more about THAT! 😂😜😵😧


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