Trivia Plans Next Week – February 17, 2020

We’re done with our brief “hiatus” from the Tower Inn and will resume playing there next Wednesday. A Thursday game at Sticks is also a “strong maybe,” if for no other reason than to possibly move into first place in the bar’s standings! It will be a “game day decision” as to whether or not we’ll actually play Thursday night or not.

I think it was good for us to take just a little break from Tower Inn. Number one, we could “afford” to do so without losing any ground in the standings, and number two, it kind of gave us a chance to do something different in the “seventh inning stretch.” Sometimes we just need to break up the monotony of our trivia routines and hit the “reset” button!

This means there are just five more weeks to go in the My Trivia Live season! We’ll most certainly play somewhere different when they have their “bye” week, but who knows where we’ll play? Too early to predict.

See you all in the next blog! It’s a lovely day today, and might hit FORTY DEGREES! My husband and I are going to take a walk outside, have a “partially” free lunch in Ann Arbor, and buy a handheld vacuum cleaner! One of my aunts just sent me cash in the mail (she’s a bold beast), so I’m going to see if Target or Meijer has a vac I want.

Yeah, I know…Elon Musk still hasn’t become Batman yet, and I still don’t have a shower karaoke machine. But who ever gets EVERYTHING they want for their birthday?

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