Are Wednesday Night Sporcle Live Teams Struggling This Season?

I’m hearing reports from at least two different trivia teams about Wednesday night trivia questions in the Sporcle Live league being particularly challenging this season. I have not been out to play Wednesday nights in the Sporcle Live league, so I can’t really comment. But I do know one long-time team that is also a longtime rival of ours is having a rough go of it at their Wednesday night spot.

And one other longtime rival team is also struggling, as evidenced in this post they recently made on their Facebook page:

Haven’t posted in a while so here goes.

We are still playing on Wednesday at 7:00 at Arbor Corner Brewery but are now down to six, maybe seven players a night. which by other team head count is low with some teams doubling our size. This last week our host announced at 6:30 that all tables and chairs were taken and several teams were on the far side of the building. Despite those odds we came in first in the first round and third in the second. This season has seen a lot of 90’s kids show categories along with some really challenging final questions.

As always, we welcome any new players as long you buy the fries.

And here was my response to their post:

You will survive. We’ve been losing players for years and rarely have more than 2 to 4 players per game. Your strongest players will just become stronger because they have to – and will want to. That said, you do play in a competitive spot that we gave up as a regular spot years ago. Also, other good teams are struggling with the Wednesday questions, too. Good luck, godspeed to you lads and lasses! Sorry if this sounds like me doing my best impression of a “tiger mom,” lol!

The words I wrote are not that dissimilar to words another player said to me years ago when the bloodletting on my team really started to hurt us. He said that we’d become a more “lean and mean” team and that having fewer players wouldn’t really hurt us. His words proved to be somewhat true – and also my team has kind of “adapted” to playing with fewer players – even if that means borrowing from time to time for the “money” games. I’m hoping I won’t be doing that when the MTL semis roll around this time!

As evidenced by how well the “millennial” on our team did when he split off from us and played with his girlfriend Thursday night, that’s a clear indicator that our team would be struggling more in this league if he weren’t helping us in games! I know writing on the wall when I see it! If we didn’t have his help in our regular games, we’d most likely be playing My Trivia Live games instead – which are a bit more friendly for “older” players.

I don’t know what kind of “advice” I would give to the teams that are struggling other than to play the long game to see how it goes. And that’s about all I have to say for now!



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