Why Weren’t Both of the “Duke Boys” In “Django Unchained?”

I have lots of strange questions running through my head on a fairly regular basis. Such as:

Why hasn’t Elon Musk become Batman yet?


Why do so many people like “The Big Bang Theory?”


Why is Adam Sandler still getting so many acting roles?

And now meet Tom Wopat (left) in Django Unchained, and on the right –  a recent photo of John Schneider (who was not in Django Unchained): ⇓

Why weren’t both of the “Duke Boys” actors in Django Unchained?

It would have been so easy to have Schneider playing even just a small role in this film! He could played one of the “Brittle Brothers,” or any other seedy plantation employee. Plenty of other walk-on roles in a big cast movie such as this one.

Welcome to my weird brain! It’s a nice place to visit, but you certainly wouldn’t want to live here!

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