So How Are The ‘Pods Doing In 2020? A Little Trivia Update…


So…what’s up with the ‘Pods in 2020? Well…trivia battles, of course!

We’ve been continuing playing trivia games in two trivia leagues – Sporcle Live – and My Trivia Live. So far, we’re only making a “tournament” bid in the MTL league – though since we just moved into second place at Sticks on Thursday…hmmmm!

We’ve played four Sporcle Live games this year – with scores averaging about 123 per night. In MTL, we’ve also played four games, and are averaging about 68 points per night (perfect scores in MTL games are 76 points). We came close to a perfect game with 75 points one night!

Since we’re doing fairly well amid light competition at Tower Inn on Wednesdays (among other things) – I recently decided to take a two-week break from the games there. It was serendipitous that I did this last week – since there was quite a snowstorm on our trivia night!

After our two-week break from Tower Inn, we’ll have just five more games to go until the season is finished (I think).

We’re continuing our break from Tower Inn next week too – but will be subbing a score from another spot to use at Tower Inn. I know, I know…I’ve kept a bit mum on where exactly we’ll play, but I’ll say it here…MCSHANE’S PUB. Got it? Good! If all goes well, I’ll have a “full” team for this game, so hopefully we’ll kick some ass and take some names! Though I’ll be hard-pressed to remember some of the overly long team names the teams tend to use at this bar!

It just worked out well for Tuesday to be our trivia night next week since it’s Leslie Nielsen’s birthday and all (also my birthday)! As an added bonus,  I don’t work the next day. My husband and I may try to go to lunch in Ann Arbor and use that gift certificate we won at a recent Quentin Tarantino trivia night at the Allen Rumsey Cocktail Lounge and Supper Club (that is the fancy pants name for the bar/restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI’s hotel called The Graduate).


It shouldn’t be that hard to use up $20 at this place! There are entrées costing $20 and up! Sandwiches and appetizer fare are a bit cheaper… However, if you go while the $3 craft pint specials are going on, you’ll also get pretty good bang for buck.

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