Trivia Update – Change in This Week’s Trivia Plans…(Week of February 3, 2020)

Update in this week’s trivia plans – the Wednesday game at Tower Inn is…not going to happen for us this week – or next week, either.  We’ll be playing Thursday night at Sticks this week. Next week, we’ll be playing at an “alternate” My Trivia Live spot to use the “jail card” option. This means we can substitute a score from that game and use that score at Tower Inn.

We have a significant enough of a lead at Tower Inn that we can get away with skipping one game. It’s also  good for us to occasionally mix up the trivia routines to keep us all from getting too bored – and keep the trivia games from becoming too much of a “chore!” We’re definitely not fans of overly long trivia seasons – playing in the same spot week…after week…after week – can get a bit “old” after a while!

This is one of the things I like about the MTL league better than the Sporcle Live league! I like being able to substitute a score from another bar once per season. Sporcle used to allow that years ago, but no more…

It’s not entirely unlikely that we’ll play in a different spot (one close to home) – Wednesday night! But we’re not “planning” to do that at this point.

That’s it for this trivia update!


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