The Annual Birthday Trivia Questions Are Coming Soon! Want a Couple of Spoilers?

I stole an idea from a friend four years ago when I put on a live trivia contest with my friends/trivia compatriots featuring trivia questions I’d written myself – giving out prizes to the winners.

Sadly, since the person who inspired the idea – and helped emcee the live trivia contests  a couple of times has passed away, I’m no longer as inspired enough to do the “live birthday trivia events.” But I still like to write the question sets! I share them privately with some of my friends and also publish them on this blog site.

You just never know what might inspire some of the questions I put together! It could be watching a movie, a random conversation in a bar, a random weird factoid I uncover while cruising the ‘Net, or something I notice while reading subtitles for movies.  As a little “blog exclusive,” I’m going to post picture clues as to what at least a couple of the questions (which will be posted in a little more than a week) will be about! Keep in mind the questions may only have a very tenuous connection to these pictures. Why would I want to make things TOO easy for the trivia lovers who visit this site?



Have fun trying to figure out what questions I could ask involving these images!


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