Trivia Recap – January 31, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

A “trio” of ‘Pods  met up for the “late night” Sticks’ Sporcle Live trivia scene Thursday. We won a first place/$15 prize in game one – but were too much all over the map in discussing the correct 2010s music artist name we needed for the game two final (though we came SO close to putting down the right person)! Though getting it right would have made us “happy,” it simply wasn’t to be! Oh well…the three of us had a fun time – and we teamed up very, very well on some tough questions…

Emily was the substitute host that night – and I didn’t even recognize her at first! Her hair is darker, it’s longer, and she’s wearing glasses now. Is she going on the lam? We used to play her shows regularly at the YpsiAlehouse, so it’s amazing that I didn’t recognize her. Remind me to talk to her if I ever have to change my appearance and go “on the lam!” Yeah…like THAT would ever work!

Here are the questions, which may be heavily abbreviated…

Game One

1. NBA Players – Name either player who won five regular seasons playing for the same team – one played for the Chicago Bulls – the other for the Boston Celtics. Name both for a bonus point. Got the points, but missed the bonus (we went with the “other” prominent guy from the Celtics).

2. Colors – In 1958, what color family of Crayola crayon changed adjectives from “Prussian” to “midnight” which had been its name since 1903?

3. Same Name – What word refers to an entire area drained by a single body of water – as well as a large sink?

4. 21st Century Literature – What 2001 book by Phillip Reeve – the first in a quartet of related books, involves a post-apocalyptic “steampunk” London mobile city on wheels that travels around decimating other cities? This question is dedicated to Brad – although he was not present in this game – he wouldn’t shut up about this movie!

5. Characters – Bela Lugosi appeared in more than 100 films – and is best known for playing what title character in a 1931 film and reprising the role in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein?

6. Speeches – In the 1950s, what vice presidential candidate gave his famous “Checkers” speech?

7. TV – Audio clue of theme song from TV series that…we didn’t recognize.

8. Games – Meka Dragon, Alienoid and Gigazaur are playable monsters in what tapletop game involving players competing to be “King of (blank)?” Yay Mike has played this game before…

9. ’80s Music – What speed is singer Sammy Hagar incapable of driving in a popular 1984 single? FB clue.

10. Cars – What Volkswagen model ceased production following the 2019 model year after having produced at least one version every year since 1938? I recently bought Mike a paper calendar featuring this car, and he said, “Why did (the Germans) make such an utterly cute car?” Not really knowing how to answer what was probably a rhetorical question, I said, “Uh…to atone for World War I atrocities?” By that logic…would the similar van model have been made to atone for World War II atrocities? Hmmmmm! Fun fact! Serial killer Ted Bundy drove one of these “cute” cars and did atrocious things with his murder victims in them! I watched a documentary about him not too long ago where they played old audio tapes of him talking with police – it’s really terrifying stuff. He truly was a monster (but I digress)!

Mystery – Twisted Titles – Julia Roberts Movies

Given the description of the following “fake” movie plots – name the Julia Roberts movie title (with one letter changed).

M1 – Caligula, Nero and Caesar pay for the company of Julia in their hometown (we joked that none of these guys – especially Caligula –  would pay for the services of a prostitute but just make them their sex slave).

M2 – Sally Field, Dolly Parton and Shirley MacLaine portray castrated cattle who must cope with the death of Julia’s character.

M3 – Julia falls in love with Hugh Grant – who lives in a town named for the mound of emptiness it sits upon

M4 – Julia and her lifelong pal had an agreement to remove all invasive plants from their yard if neither found someone to help them by the age of 28 – until Cameron Diaz ruins that plan

Got all of these correct – great teamwork! Evan and I jotted down as many Julia Roberts movie titles as we could, and Mike put his “word wizardry” skills to work coming up with the “fake” names.

And here’s a fifth “twisted titles” Julia Roberts movie question we came up with during the game:

“Julia’s character is forced to flee an abusive relationship with a device used for cleaning out the bowels.”

We were in second with 65 points out of 14 teams going into the final – with the first place team having 66 points.

Final Category – U.S. Geography

If a driver begins in the capital city of Nebraska, then travels to the bordering state that has the capital city whose name comes next in alphabetical order after the capital city of Nebraska, in what state would the driver end?

Teamwork prevailed again…got this and wound up in first. There was a tiebreaker between three – or four – teams for second, unsure which team wound up winning the second place prize.

Game Two

1. Food – In the U.S., what is the name for small sausages wrapped in croissant pastry and baked?

2. Medicine – Claritin and Zyrtec are examples of what class of drugs?

3. Battles – The Charge of the Light Brigade involved the Battle of Balaclava during which war? Talked ourselves out of the correct answer (war is Hell)…

4. Bands – Robert Bell uses the stage name “Kool” – and fronts what band – which had five songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts – including “Jungle Boogie” and “Celebration?” Give “Jungle Boogie” a listen sometime! The lyrics are very…profound – and thought provoking (JK)!

5. Actors – What actor uses the online handle “Rejected Jokes” and provides the voice of the title character in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Miss…

6. Sports – Within 10, what is the length of a standard rugby union match in minutes – before stoppage time is added?

7. ’90s Books – Give either the title OR the author of a 1997 best-selling book about a 1996 disaster involving eight climbers killed in a storm. Mike quote: “(Heather) wouldn’t shut up about this book when she was reading it.” Guilty! How could I NOT love a book about such an… epic disaster! At the time, one of the highest-altitude helicopter rescues was performed…the guy that was removed from the mountain (Beck Weathers) had such bad frostbite that he lost an arm – and was physically deformed – requiring plastic surgery to correct some of the damage. This guy even wrote his own book about the ordeal, which was called Left for Dead – (he was left for dead not once during this expedition…but TWICE). If you can spend a night on this mountain in a bivouac during a blizzard and live – you’ve gotta have a constitution of 20 or more! Also helps to have enough money for your wife to pay a very daring helicopter pilot to rescue your ass – and get you off the mountain!  OK, OK…I’ll shut up now…

So…yes we got this for the points and the bonus (but you knew that…didn’t you)? #sorrybutilovedisasters

8. Cartoons – What character, who first appeared in a 1930 cartoon called “Dizzy Dishes,” is a cariacature of a jazz age flapper dancer?

9. Africa – What African country’s capital is Gabarone? The country is more than 70 percent covered by the Kalahari Desert. This question started to scare us a bit…I drew a crude map of Africa and asked Mike to point out where the Kalahari desert was, and started naming some countries. Nope, nope, nope, nope…then at almost the last second – Mike named the country that would wind up being correct. Whew!

10. Weapons – What weapon got its name from a 1911 novel entitled Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle?

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these (this round was pretty much all Evan).

Fewer teams in game two…We were in second again (this time tied with one other team) with 61 points, again only one point away from first.

Final Category – 2010s Music

We had a player with us whom is fairly knowledgeable about current music, so we wagered it all…

On Billboard’s list of the 100 Songs That Defined the Decade of the 2010s, only six artists are credited on two songs, and all of them are solo men. Name any one of those six men.

We talked about not just one…not just two – but THREE different men whom would have wound up being correct! Did ANY of those answers get written on the slip we turned in? Nope…But that was OK…we were really having too much fun to care!

I think only one team wound up getting it right.

Well that’s it for this week’s trivial shenanigans. We’re deciding when/where we’ll be playing next week. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Richard Nixon!






One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 31, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

  1. game one answers: Michael Jordan/Bill Russell, blue, basin, mortal engines, dracule, nixon, big brother, king of tokyo, 55, beetle.
    Mystery – Pretty Roman, Steer Magnolias, Nothing Hill, My Best Friend’s Weeding
    final answer: south dakota
    game two answers: pigs in a blanket, antihistamines, crimean war, kool and the gang, ben schwartz, 89, into thin air/jon krakauer, betty boop, botswana, taser.
    mystery – halo, portal, legend of zelda, half life
    final answers: Justin Bieber
    DJ Snake
    Enrique Iglesias
    Kanye West
    Pharrell Williams

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