Went For a “Mall Walk” Today!

I’m finally attempting to get back on the “fitness horse.” I don’t believe in unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. But…it’s winter, I work in a mall, my shifts at work have been a bit shorter (and at a reasonable starting time), I just broke in some new shoes and inserts (specially designed for plantar fascitis), and most importantly…

I’ve FINALLY fully recovered from rolling a frequently injured ankle about two months ago! It was the worst timing in the world…happening just three days before Thanksgiving – when I’d be working some very, very long shifts on my feet. There was no way I’d have anything but a long, slow recovery from that. #aintgettinganyyounger.

All I did today was a two-mile walk in “the mall,” which I completed in about a half hour. So that exercise (which did get my heart rate up a bit – I’m not a slow walker) was topped off with the exercise I got at work this morning (mostly upper body, some lifting of items weighing more than 20 pounds). Not the same as a gym workout – by any means – but it’s better than just coming home and sitting on my ass!

As always, I had my trusty MusicBot 2000 (aka a Sandisk portable Mp3 player). An annoying Taylor Swift song was playing on the mall’s P.A. system when I started my walk, but thankfully – it was soon drowned out by Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing.” You might best remember that funk/disco track from the 1997 film The Full Monty.


This movie was nominated for four Oscars – including best picture, screenplay (written directly for the screen), best director, and best music (winning on the last nomination). The score’s composer – Anne Dudley – was formerly with the synthpop band The Art of Noise, and now is a critically acclaimed composer – having scored more than 40 different films.

While I enjoy the song “You Sexy Thing” well enough, I like its “cousin” far better – which is “Every 1s a Winner” (also by Hot Chocolate). It has such a mesmerizing bass beat, some nice guitar riffs and some very, very…provocative lyrics! It’s almost a perfect fusion of funk – and disco (the only disco song my husband will tolerate, lol)!

Here are some lyrics:

Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth (yes, the truth)
Making love to you is such a thrill.
Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s no lie (yes, no lie)
You never fail to satisfy (satisfy)

Well? What are you waiting for? Look up “Every 1s a Winner” on Spotify…right now! 🙂 If you don’t fall in love with the song I’ll give you your money back! And… Valentine’s Day is coming up (jussayn). To learn more about my favorite songs like this one –  that I’d love to hear on Valentine’s Day (if I actually celebrated it…which I don’t – since it falls too close to my birthday), check out other blog I wrote.

As for my “fitness goals” (such as they are), I’ll try to get out for at least three “weekday” walks of at least two miles after work…and get out for at least one longer walk on the weekends (with my husband). The goal is to just get my ass moving.


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