Let The Great “Unhoarding” Begin!

My husband and I were both busy today…cleaning out closets! So for the second week in a row, we’re putting out a completely full trash bin.

Not all of our closet stuff got tossed, though. We set aside a couple of “rough totes” of clothes for donation. My mom works as a volunteer in a local thrift shop, so I’ll be giving the stuff to her. She’s pretty much in charge of what she calls “the marking room.” All incoming stuff gets sorted, tagged, priced…and the rejects either get sent to the Salvation Army – or the Dumpster. She’s seen some very…interesting things come through the doors of that shop! I remember stopping in there just to say hi once, and she said out of the blue:

Do you want a baking pan for penis shaped cakes, dear?

I turned down the offer! Likely it was something used for a bachelorette party, and wound up collecting dust in a cupboard for years before someone decided to offload it.

She’s also…seen some interesting people come into the shop, too! Once, a young woman came into the store…stark naked – and  needed some clothing – fast. She had said that she went swimming in the Huron River or something? I don’t remember all of the details about the story. That’s Ypsilanti, MI for you! #weirdnessmagnet

There’s still SO much to do around the house. Saturday, I bought a bunch of cleaning supplies at a dollar store.  But for now, we can call it a day! This whole thing will be a “process…”

Part of this process will involve me attempting to sell my saxophone from high school band. My dad paid about $500 for it – as a “floor model” – in 1982 at Flint Music. I remember when he brought it home after work – and I took maybe an hour or so to get actual sounds out of it!

It’s a bit…long in the tooth – a bit scratched up, maybe a couple of small dents…(high school marching band can put any instruments – or “horns” as we all called all of our instruments that weren’t stringed, drums or percussion –  through the wringer). It will need a lot of repairs/work – all of the cork will likely need to be replaced.  But if I can get maybe $100-$200 for it – and it can be a means for a young musician to chase their musical dreams (without mommy and daddy having to get ski masks and rob a quickie mart in order to get them a new “horn”), well so be it! New alto saxophones can run as high as $6,500! That’s quite a lot of money to spend on something you “hope” your kid will love – and get use out of. If if all goes really well, maybe your pride and joy will go on to be the next Charlie Parker – and you can get whatever profit scraps from their talents that aren’t squandered on drugs (dream on…there will be nothing left after the drug monkey gets his or her cut)! Am I being a bit cynical here? Sorry…but maybe I know a bit too much about Charlie Parker! #nojunknosoul

Here’s me with my “horn” in 1989 ⇓


Dork alert!!!!

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