Let’s Have A Moment Of Silence For All Of Those Dead…Roly Poly Bugs!

I’m in the midst of a massive undertaking that I can only describe as part “needs to be done anyway” – and “feasability study.”

The “needs to be done anyway” task was…cleaning out the basement. The “feasability study” involves learning whether or not the basement can be brought into appropriate shape to have guests over for an evening next month. Here’s a pic of what our basement looked like – before we put a bunch of stuff down there (also before we painted it a lighter cream color):


The chair on the right is one designated for guests who don’t wear more than about 100 pounds or so (soaking wet). The other chair is a solid maple Ethan Allen chair from my childhood bedroom set and can handle guests of any weight!

I’m taking a break right now, but boy am I filthy…boy are my clothes dusty…and even being on the lowest level of the house where it’s “supposed” to be cooler – I’m sweatin’ to the oldies, as Richard Simmons used to say. Or should the phrase be…sweatin’ to the “moldies?”

I’ve wiped down all of our chairs, which will likely be used by guests – with pre-moistened cleaning wipes – and making sure they all get dried out properly. I’ve moved things away from the walls – wiped down the dust/crud accumulating in the corners (so, so many roly poly bug carcasses…one wonders if they died of old age – or maybe there is some kind of insect version of Pol Pot dwelling in my basement taking out all of those poor things in a blood-lust fueled genocide). Or perhaps…arachnid? I’m thinking the latter thing is probably closer to the truth!

Later, I’ll be down there with the shop vac (mental note – empty it out first). I’ll be vacuuming up what remains after I wiped up some of the “big stuff.”

I’m very, very happy we got rid of the carpeting in the basement before we moved in. That plank resilient vinyl stuff is the BOMB for basement floors (I’d highly recommend it). It’s so, so easy to clean – and when it’s clean – it actually looks good, too!

The “plan” is to set up the poker table – and possibly a small dinette table – and gather some friends for a trivia-based party on Oscars “eve.” Whether or not that will actually come to pass – has yet to be determined.

We have a mini fridge – and a full bathroom attached to the main room in the basement – so it’s actually a nice setup for guests – when it’s clean – and in order. We held a Thanksgiving dinner there when we first moved in – I had “buffet-style” setup with chafing dishes, stocked the fridge with enough beers to make me and my sister-in-law Melanie get nice and chummy (LOL) – it actually worked out quite well!

Sadly, because of a couple of things – it hasn’t been possible to do Thanksgiving at our house anymore. One, I have to work on Thanksgiving – and two – my mom really likes to do it herself!

Whether or not we actually have guests over next month – it will be nice to have a tidy basement again!

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