Why I Play In Two Different Pub Trivia Leagues…

In 2012, me and my trivia team started playing Sporcle Live pub trivia games on a regular basis. In 2016, we started adding My Trivia Live pub trivia games to our “repertoire.” We successfully qualified for tournaments in both leagues for quite a while.

So…which trivia league do I like better?  That’s a really, really good question! Truth is, I like them both – but I also need to play games in both leagues to satisfy my trivia addiction. Allow me to explain why…

Reasons I Like Sporcle Live Trivia

  • Familiarity. I’ve been playing in this league for quite some time…
  • Decent choices of where/when to play locally. I have six different “scenes” I can play within just a couple of miles from my home.
  • I feel more “needed” by my trivia team in this league than in MTL. While I can sit idle in many MTL games while Mike/Brad pretty much answer everything themselves, they lean on me a bit more in the Sporcle Live league. I’ve also won several Sporcle Live games by myself, whereas doing the same in the MTL league is an extreme rarity (only happened twice – April, 2016 at Powell’s Pub – and in March, 2017 at Maplewood Lanes in Saline. Winning first at Maplewood  by myself was…particularly sweet – because of the highly competitive trivia crowds there on Friday nights! I had to bring my husband with me later to help use the prize, since I’d be hard-pressed to spend the $30 prize myself…
  • You know well in advance when the Sporcle Live seasons are – and when the tournaments will be.
  • It’s usually not very tough to qualify for semifinals – though the semifinal games in MTL have managed to sink us a few times.

Reasons I Like My Trivia Live

  • MTL trivia is skewed for an older crowd, and… my team ain’t getting any younger. Also, my husband Mike seems to like the MTL league better than Sporcle Live.
  • It seems to be a strong format for my teammates (especially Mike and Brad). Though our “young dude” Evan manages to help us answer questions in every MTL game too!
  • We’ve only won money four total times in Sporcle Live championships (once when “stunt doubles” were playing in our spot) – and NEVER the top prize. We’ve managed to win tournament money twice in MTL tournaments in far fewer years of playing – and managed to win the coveted first place prize once. Though it can be tougher to get to the MTL finals, I think our chances of winning are better once we manage to get there – than they are in Sporcle tournaments.
  • They still allow “barhop.” This means if a good barhop team is playing in your bar, you don’t need to worry about them also winning the top bar spot. Sporcle Live put an end to barhop a couple of years ago. Sometimes the barhop teams can be the “teams to beat!”
  • Four player maximum for tournaments (five max for Sporcle Live). Easier to put a team together!
  • The finals tournaments are never too far away. Sporcle has had a couple of their finals games in Lansing – which is quite a haul for some players in the state.

So there you go! While the trivia gods allow, I’m going to try getting my “fix” in both trivia leagues!

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